Mike is a Berlin-based photographer born in 1990 in Athens, Greece and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from BTK University of Applied Sciences. Through his work, he questions and investigates the interaction between human and nature. He uses a reduced, timeless and surrealistic photographic language which includes elements of experimental techniques concentrating on the human body and the silence that nature provides us with.



  • "Water: Shots Magazine group exhibition" in Minnesota Marine Art Museum | Minnesota, US

  • "Homecoming 2021" in JKC Gallery | New Jersey, US


  • "ISOLATED. Living yourself" group exhibition in Millepiani gallery | Rome, Italy 

  • "36 Artists and a MANIFEST" group exhibition with Experimental Photo Festival in IEFC | Barcelona, Spain



  • "The Light comes from the Dark" group exhibition in BTK Gallery | Berlin, Germany

  • “Threads of Yesterday” group exhibition in CLB Gallery | Berlin, Germany

  • "Untitled" group exhibition in Das Gift | Berlin, Germany


  • “The print swap holiday exhibition” group exhibition in ROOT studios | New York, US

  • “False Front” group exhibition in GlogauAIR ǀ Berlin, Germany


  • Featured photos in GlogauAIR open-studios day in collaboration with the artist Marco Ivic ǀ Berlin, Germany